What Is The Best Treadmill?

3G Cardio Pro Runner TreadmillAre you looking for treadmill reviews online but you are bombarded with generic know-how’s? Are you starting to think deeply “what is the best treadmill to buy”? Read further on this article as we discover some major key points when buying a treadmill.

Best treadmill for home is by far the most popular weight loss machine at home. However, it is also the most neglected equipment to be used after weeks of purchasing it. To avoid wasting both your time and money, don’t just buy cheap treadmills but purchase a great one to uphold your interest using it. See below some vital factors your need to considering when buying a treadmill.

  1. Treadmill motor and horsepower – horsepower is very crucial when selecting a treadmill, it can dictate the overall quality of the machine and its usefulness. Treadmill motor and horsepower is usually presented on three forms:

–          Continuous duty rating is the best option to have when considering “what is the best treadmill to buy”. Getting anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 HP is enough for it to be considered reliable.

–          Peak duty treadmills are often more affordable than continuous types so if you are looking for a cheap treadmill, this can suffice your needs but do not expect utmost durability.

–          If you want a quit treadmill that doesn’t sound like a raging machine, go for direct current treadmills.

  1. Treadmill features and design – most people overlook the aesthetic appeal of treadmills thinking they generally function the same as compared to basic ones. This might be true for some reasons but then beautifully engineered treadmills with modern features can sustain and uphold your interest. A good point to remember is “the more beautiful and featured-filled” your treadmill is, the more likely you’ll use it every day.
  2. Price and size dimension of the machine – the last but not the least thing you need to consider when buying a treadmill is its price and dimension. Too big treadmills are not conducive to use so opt to buy folding treadmills. Also, affordable treadmills don’t always mean lesser quality; you just need to assess them very well.

If you will be asking “what is the best treadmill for the money”, better ask yourself first how to classify a best treadmill- http://www.bestcardiomachines.org/treadmill-machines/   then from then derive you answer. Look for treadmill reviews online to better help you choose the appropriate machine based form your needs and wants.